iBIC illuminates your road to the audiences

iBIC stands for illuminate Business Information and Communications. In short, our aim is to illuminate the road which our clients’ brands travel. We intend to provide our clients with state of the art tools and professional support that helps them to listen, measure and talk with their audiences directly in the social conversation or via traditional media channels.

iBIC was established in Stockholm, Sweden in 2005, by one PR specialist and one computer programmer. We believed that the Internet would be the major channel for communications between companies and customers and the arena for marketing activities. We intended to equip our clients with the best tools for managing brands online. The key solution we were aiming to develop was an online based, user-friendly, one-stop-shop platform. The requirements for our platform were to include possibility to process huge quantities of information, distribute tailored information to each end-user, including possibility to respond fast on publicity, support and fine-tune marketing by near real time analysis of media image. We named out platform - iBIC Compass.


PR ▪ marketing support 2.0

Today we are in the middle of a revolution in how to communicate about brands. No more can brands be reduced to only a logo, they are thrown into a dynamic online conversation whether they like it or not. That means that brands have to climb down from their ivory towers and start meeting their audiences at places where they like to hang around. Marketing 2.0 is already here, and iBIC intends to bridge that transition for our clients.

We think that the key for success in brand management is to have a structured, professional and multi-channel approach to communication with the audiences. Therefore iBIC is constantly developing new online tools, off-line methods, and tailored approaches in order to support our clients in their communication with target audiences. We aim to be the leading provider in Northern Europe in solutions for PR and marketing support and a trusted regional partner for the leading global brands.