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iBIC Compass: New Media Source Classifications

iBIC, an expert in PR-support, analysis and monitoring of media, has optimized its system of classifications of media sources in the framework of iBIC Compass, a market leading online platform for managing of companies’ media communications. In short it enables customers to solve a significant number of PR challenges:

• Manages the Client’s media channels more efficiently
• Ensures that the client’s message reaches the target audience
• Evaluate and fine-tune tactics

The key advantage with the new media categories is the increased analytic focus on the target audiences of each media outlet. The target audiences are divided into three groups; B2B, B2C and B2B+B2C. By using this tool, you can easily evaluate the relevance of each channel that you use in your media mix. It also helps you to get a deeper understanding of how your audience is impacted by your messages. And if needed to correct your message and communication strategy according to your customer oriented approach. Targeting options allow you to choose audiences’ gender, age, occupation and income.

The new sources categorization is a great step for managing your media mix. The online tools for retrieving business information are currently based on the media types - Print, Web, TV, and Radio has now been extended with new filters. For instance, the media category Web Media” is divided into several subcategories: News/Industry Portals, News Agencies, Corporate/Brand Websites and Others. Furthermore, the classification of print sources is now divided into magazines, newspapers, catalogs and others. Social media is divided into following categories; Personal/Community Blogs, Multimedia Portals, Corporate / Brand Blogs, Microblogs, Forums and Social Networks.

In addition, the filter of geographic targeting has also been expanded in iBIC Compass. This tool gives you the opportunity to select media outlets taking into consideration the geographical location of the source (also previously you were able to choose a certain region: country, federal district -but now you can also select a global region). This improvement in the filtering can be useful tool in your situation analysis and in monitoring of industry news with reference to the CIS-countries, Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, countries of the Pacific and Baltic region and the Middle East countries.

Overall the new media classification aims at optimizing the activities of press-services and PR-specialists engaged in media monitoring and the implementation of corporate communications. This information allows you to create a media pool for an upcoming event or campaign, and correct, if needed, the corporate communication policies and tactics, improve overall competitive position.