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iBIC introduces Impact Rate – an index for evaluation of PR effectiveness

IBIC, an expert in PR-support, analysis and monitoring of media, has developed its own methodology to measure the audience reach - the index “Impact Rate”. The method is based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of media channels and media items.

Impact Rate - the professional KPI measurement of your PR business:

• Measures efficiency of brand/company publicity in traditional media
• Measures the impact of your key messages in your target media,
• Benchmarks your ratio of total publications to net impact
• Assesses the return of investment from your PR campaigns

The Impact Rate index is influenced by a range of factors, including the location and number of references to a company in a publication, as well as the publicity of brand and presence of visual information (graphs, photos, pictures). This index is calculated in % and reflects the impact of each media item in every media canals which are analyzed.

By Impact Rate you can calculate not only the total number of readers who have read this publication, but also the net effect, i.e. adjust the effect to the target audience the message was addressed. In order to do this, we evaluate the publication itself, as well as a media channel where the company and/or brand are mentioned.

Thus, we can convert the qualitative information into quantitative data, which can be easily compared. The obtained results will help PR-specialists to determine the degree of impact of your PR activities and the relevance of the selected media sources. Using Impact Rate index it’s easy to adjust the communication policy of company, if necessary.