How To Use Social Media To Promote Food Products

In Spring 2013, IBIC conducted a media research with threefold purpose: • to identify the most popular food brands, within a defined segment; • to highlight platforms with the most vivid discussions in within the researched food segment (note: particular attention was paid to the photo-sharing social network Instagram); • to conduct a semantic analysis of social conversation to find out whether the social media participants’ values correlate with corporate key messages


Bet On Result

Whom to entrust your PR business? Has the PR-agency incentive to hide the inefficiency of their tactics or to inflate the impact in the audience resulted from the news stories they spin? Our argument is simple – let the experts do the job.


Media monitoring as tool to improve strategic planning

Media monitoring means keeping track on business critical information extracted from public sources. This tool allows you to retrieve relevant information which may be paramount for the development of your business. The ultimate key is to have a professional structure of the input of information, in order to not drown in the media stream.


Russia’s social media awakening – are you taking the opportunity?

Today, we are in the beginning of a large scale migration from traditional media to social media. So what is in the social media offering that is so radically new that it changes people’s behavior? The obvious answer is that it offer a totally new way of communication.