Be in front of the information race

Information about business environment and customer sentiment on brands is crucial for all business. But to be really useful the information needs to be managed structurally – in order to reach the right person in the organisation within the right time. iBIC finds, filters, distributes and analyses information from printed and internet sources (including online news and social media) for our clients so that they don’t suffer from information overload. iBIC has managed media monitoring for market-leading companies in Russia within different industries since 2005. We have the expertise, experience and state of the art technologies to provide you with superior support of media monitoring.


iBIC cherry-picks your target media

It has never been more difficult to identify target media. But in the end of the day, most sources are just noise. Therefore we can help you to identify the sources (in traditional and social media) where your audiences are visiting and talking about you as well as the sources where you can find critical information about your industry and market. Our aim is that you will spend as little time as possible to absorb the knowledge you need to be focused on your core business. However, the starting point is a relevant source selection and precise search criteria.


Speed, capacity and accuracy

The key aspect in monitoring media is near real time processing of large quantities of media sources so that you can respond quickly to your publicity in traditional media and online social conversation. iBIC’s search systems are scanning the Internet on a 24/7/365 basis. In total we monitor 20,000 internet media sources, 1000 print sources, and over one million social media sources. Moreover, our trained and experienced specialists will help you to develop an efficient search profile in order to be on-target with your media monitoring and to separate noise from business critical information.


Media information – when it suits you

Most organisations are not short of information – the problem is that many don’t have it structured so that they can benefit from it when needed. iBIC offers you a solution. We can manage your publicity by distributing information within your organisation, e.g. sales leads to sales department, customs’ feed-back to custom support team, strategic information to top management, and your brands’ media publicity to marketing department. Moreover, iBIC’s approach enables your organisation to distribute tailored information to different specialists. Click here to learn how we can help you to manage your tailored in-house distribution of information from media.