iBIC has analysed Russian media since 2005. Among our clients are some of the most demanding multinational brands. By best practise comparison, and international examples, we can help your organisation to improve your PR efficiency, help you to develop your media strategy, and structure the information management within your organisation.


New channels for online conversation are emerging almost at the speed of light. It is especially challenging for marketing and PR specialists to follow the dynamics of social meeting places and thereby risking not catching the opportunities to have a conversation with the target audience where they hang around. iBIC can help you to develop (and fine-tune) your media plan and identify the online social meeting places that attract your target audiences as well as pinpoint your social media influencers.


By in-depth analysis of your media content iBIC can advice your organisation on how to reach incremental impact in your target audiences. For instance, we can help you to dig deeper into which campaigns, topics, products, messages, and spokes persons that have the best reach into your audiences. This data can be adjusted to seasonality, and put into comparison with your peers. By structured break-down of what works and what don’t in your PR, we can help you to fine-tune your PR tactics in order to boost the reach. iBIC has an unique experience with low-cost-high-impact communications since 2005. Request a dummy presentation to understand how it can work for you.


iBIC combine a unique technical solution - to instantly notify the client of harmful publicity - with extensive experience in proactive management of media related crises. Our online search-system scans the Internet on 24/7 basis, in near real time. As soon as your organisation is mentioned in a harmful way, we can notify your PR/marketing team in a format that suits you (e.g. phone, sms, or email). Since 2005, iBIC has developed tactics for how to response to various publicity/comments in different types of media sources, in traditional media as well as in online social conversation. We are here to train your team in proactive crisis management. Contact us to learn out more.


Besides that iBIC can manage the media monitoring for your team, we can also help in training your staff in how to efficiently manage media monitoring, by themselves or in collaboration with external experts. For instance, can we help you to develop search strings that give you less garbage and more precise media monitoring result. We can advice you on how to use media based information in your daily business – in order to follow up on valuable data within different departments in your organisation. We can also train you on how to use media monitoring for fine-tuning of your PR activities by breaking down the publicity into metrics and KPIs. Contact us for a further discussion with our specialists on your internal needs of training and how we can support your organisation.