Social media is a gold mine for marketing and PR specialists. For the first time ever, it is now possible to listen to your customers’ talk in their living rooms - the social Voice of Customers. The key challenges are where to listen, how to learn from your social buzz, and who in your organisation will be able to make use of the new opportunities? iBIC has a solution.

iBIC monitors almost one million social media sources in the Russian language on a 24/7/365 basis. To be able to absorb such an enormous info-stream, we filter the buzz from the noise and present your conversation in a personalised online platform, the iBIC Compass - where you can dig into each post and comment and at the same time get the big picture and follow your overall social context and KPIs. Contact us for a live demo.


“You build relationship by showing that you really listen”

In social media your audience is talking about your brands whether you want it or not. iBIC can help to monitor your social buzz. We will categorize and distribute each social item (e.g. blog posts, comments) to you in preferred format, for you to structurally manage your social talking. And by getting engaged in the social conversation with your audiences you show that you care (e.g. by answering questions and make suggestions, as well as responding to positive and negative comments).


“Reach customers where they are with offers when they need”

Rightly monitored, online social conversation offers you real time sales leads. In order to allow you to follow up on sales leads, iBIC can help you to track your target customers and to listen to their conversation – so that you can offer customised sales proposals at a moment when they need them. By listening to your customers you will also be able to get in-sight knowledge about their needs – so that you for instance can adjust your value proposition and develop new products.


“Answer customers’ questions - in social networks”

Customers are sharing opinions and asking questions about products and services in social networks. By monitoring online social conversation you have the opportunity to correct misunderstandings and answer questions about your products and services, all over the social media frontline. Needless to say, if you positively surprise your customers by superior quality in service, you will have them as your future brand ambassadors.