About the company

IBIC offers companies modern tools for effective work with information.

The company was founded in 2005 in Stockholm by two friends – a programmer and a communication specialist. A combination of technology and communications is the basis of our products, while friendly attitude and atmosphere are what we maintain among our employees and guarantee to our clients.

Representative offices: Saint Petersburg

Publicity analysis

100% correct tone, topic and context of mentions, dynamics, reach.

Indicators of effectiveness that were developed in accordance with AMEC (International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) standards.

Media monitoring

Online and print media, radio and TV.

Social media monitoring

Social networks, forums, review sites, specialized websites.


Information gathering and analysis according to clients’ needs.

Consumers’ attitude towards the product, analysis of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, user research.

Visualization of results.

Online platform IBIC Compass

Stores relevant publications, posts and mentions.

Includes a searchable database of mass media and social media.

Allows analyzing and visualizing results.

Smart notifications

Prompt notifications of new mentions by e-mail or to your phone via a messaging app.

Crisis notifications – prompt notifications of negative mentions on the Internet.


Prices are calculated on an individual basis and depend on the task.

Write or call us for detailed info.


IBIC’s key employees have many years’ experience in information search and analysis, search system programming, marketing and PR.

All our employees have relevant education and, most important of all, are responsible and attentive to our clients’ needs.

You may always tell us about your work tasks and sometimes even have a few laughs.

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